The Perfect Dress

The focal point for any wedding is the bride, and, of course, her dress. She might walk down the aisle in a delicate sheer gauze gown or make a regal entrance in a dress adorned with beading, embroidery, or touches of gold or jewelry.

If you are a bride in search of the perfect dress, there are many options in the Tri-Cities. Small dress shops are spread across the area and the region now has a major Bridal retailer as well. One of the Southeast's largest bridal clearinghouses is within a couple of hours drive and nearly every major dress maker in the country has a website for easy access.

For summer, the wispy sheer look, with dresses that are typically worn over non-transparent underslips is popular, and a trend toward bareness continues with sleeveless, strapless dresses with halter tops or deep-cut square necklines.

Brides marrying in cooler weather may select a more opulent dress, perhaps adorned with beading, embroidery, or touches of gold. Some dresses even incorporate jewelry into the design with pearls or rhinestones attached to the gown at the neck and/or draped down the back.

Today's dress color is tending toward ivory or cream and away from stark white. A virtual rainbow of shades is now available to brides including pale blues, roses or greens as well as whites from snow to old parchment.

Color is not the only choice that a future bride is faced with. Dress lengths range from tea length to trains that stretch for yards and yards. Silhouettes, or dress styles, range from slim column dresses to A-lines, and individual designs range from simple elegance to fun and from traditional to "wow, that's different."

Whatever your personal style, there is a dress that is perfect for you and whether you are getting married in a big church wedding or planning a small ceremony in the backyard, your wedding dress will be the focal point of the occasion.

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